Annual Quarter-Hourly Speed Profiles


The quarter-hourly speed profile table contains information about the average observed speed per network link, provided in quarter-hourly buckets for a typical week. This data is available for 2021, 2022, and 2023, and is updated annually. Data is available for download in CSV format.

See what coverage we have in specific areas here.

FRCQuarter-hourly speed profile % Coverage in 2022 data
* percentage of segments providing speed values for over 2/3 of quarter-hour buckets

Sample Download

Click here to download a sample of Replica's quarter-hourly speed profile per network link table.


Field nameContent TypeSample ValueDescription
idString7699009_1A unique identifier for each road segment.
osm_idString5149900OSM Way ID (version 2021-09-01 for the 2021 data; version 2022-12-01 for the 2022 data)
forwardBooleanTRUEOrientation of speed relative to OSM way (True: parallel, False: antiparallel).
free_flow_speed_mphInteger44Free flow speed for the network link.
street_nameStringScenic AvenueThe common name of the network link if available. Matches the name assigned by OpenStreetMap.
geometryGeographyLINESTRING(-122.279327301964 37.8109962748959, -122.279142155032 37.8109143185075, -122.279041013398 37.8108588116808)The geometry of the network link.
latFloat37.8109315588127Latitude of the point on the network link nearest to its centroid.
lngFloat-122.27918110236033Longitude of the point on the network link nearest to its centroid.
lengthFloat29.46The length of the network link in meters.
headingInteger121The heading of the network link.
highwayStringsecondary_linkThe classification of the link based on OpenStreetMap data if available.
mon_0, mon_1...mon_95Float66.2One column per quarter hour. The value in each column represents the speed on the network link in the quarter-hour bucket. Buckets are expressed as 0-95 and are counted from midnight.

If a specific day of the week is chosen for download, the column names will reflect the day of week (e.g. mon_0, tue_0, wed_0). If an "Average Weekday" or "Average Weekend Day" is selected for download, the columns will be named wkdy_0...wkdy_95 and wknd_0...wknd_95 respectively. The average weekday values are averaged over Monday to Friday; the average weekend values are averaged over Saturday and Sunday.

Quality Metrics and Methodology

Read about the Quality Metrics and Methodology on the overview page for Replica's Annual Speeds Data.