Land Use Parcels


The land use parcel table contains information about nationwide parcels by land use, total built square footage, and dwelling unit count. Replica models about 150 million disaggregate parcels nationwide. The built square footage is a modeled representation of total three-dimensional building space. There could be multiple buildings per parcel. Data is released twice a year and is currently available for 2019, 2021 and 2022. It is available for download in CSV format.

Sample Download

Click here to download a CSV sample of Replica's land use parcel table.


Field NameContent TypeSample ValueDescription
parcel_idInteger7172757950704223187Unique identifier for a parcel.
BLOCKGROUPText010150014002The US Census Bureau-assigned GEOID of the census blockgroup containing the parcel.
TRACTText01015001400The US Census Bureau-assigned GEOID of the census tract containing the parcel.
parcel_sqftInteger9422The square footage of the parcel geometry.
built_sqftInteger35870The total, 3-dimensional built square footage across all floors of all buildings on the parcel. Each parcel could have more than one building. Note: since we do not have ground truth 3D area per building, this value is modeled from parcel attributes, building footprints, and aggregate building area totals.
landuse_l1Textmixed_useTop-level land use of the parcel. Valid values are:
• residential
• commercial
• mixed_use
• civic_institutional
• industrial
• transportation_utilities
• agriculture
• open_space
• other
• unknown
landuse_l2_primaryTextretailSub-category of the top-level (L1) land use. For L1s that do not have sub-categories, this value is the same as the L1. Valid values are:
• single_family
• multi_family
• retail
• office
• non_retail_attraction
• healthcare
• education
• civic_institutional
• industrial
• transportation_utilities
• agriculture
• open_space
• other
• unknown
landuse_l2_secondaryTextmulti_familyNull for parcels that do not have a “mixed_use” L1. For mixed-use parcels, this is another subcategory, and shares the same possible values as landuse_l2_primary.
landuse_l2_tertiaryTextnullSee landuse_l2_secondary.
dwelling_unitsInteger3Number of dwelling units on the parcel. It will be 0 for all non-residential, non-mixed-use parcels. It is not guaranteed to be >0 for residential/mixed-use parcels, since our parcel land use data is recent (2021) and the dwelling_units is modeled off of scaled 2010 Census block counts.
latLatitude37.434211Latitude of the parcel centroid, reported in decimal degrees.
lngLongitude-122.16801Longitude of the parcel centroid, reported in decimal degrees.
geometryGeographyPOLYGON((-122.0426972 39.4026794, -122.0403184 39.4026725, -122.0402856 39.4062184, -122.0426579 39.4062214, -122.0426972 39.4026794))Parcel geometry


Replica's land use data is modeled from a composite of public and private sources:

  • Parcel-level land use data
  • Aggregate land use data
  • Point-of-Interest (POI) data (e.g. restaurants, stadiums, theaters)
  • Building footprint data
  • Census housing unit data

Parcel-level land use data was collected for an area that covers 99.9% of the total US population. These parcels were then enriched with data on POIs, (e.g. restaurants, retail stores, and museums). Parcels with unknown land use were modeled based on aggregate land use data and other attributes (e.g. POIs and parcel size). Lastly, parcels were matched to buildings to estimate building area and mixed-use buildings.

Land use data includes land area (i.e, parcel or lot use) and building area (built area used for each specific use), both in square feet, as well as dwelling units. Replica land uses are categorized per the table below. All land use categories are displayed in-app and are visualized on the map, with the exception of the “Civic/Institutional” subcategories of Education, Healthcare and Other civic/institutional. Data for these subcategories are available in the download files.

For mixed-use parcels, Replica estimates primary, secondary, (and tertiary) uses. For land area, these parcels will show up as “Mixed-Use” in the application, and broken down by primary use in the download file (e.g. “Mixed-Use Residential”). For building area, built square footage on the parcel is split across each individual use, depending on the categories and the number of stories of the building, if available.

Replica Land Use Categories

L1 CategoryL2 Category
Retail (Includes restaurants & bars)
Non-retail attraction (Includes museums, stadiums, golf courses)
Mixed-Use[Primary use]
Other civic/institutional
Open Spacen/a