Weekly Spend (by home location)


The weekly spend by home location table contains information about money spent by residents of each geography, regardless of where the transaction takes place. This table also includes breakdowns of online and offline spending. Data is released weekly on a six day lag. Data is available for every week going back to January 2019. It is available for download in CSV format.

The consumer spending table shows the estimated consumer spending that occurred in the selected geography in each week. Consumer spending includes all transactions — including credit card, debit card, and cash transactions — that take place at a point of sale, such as at retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, taxis, and bars. It also includes e-commerce transactions in these same categories.

The data does not include all household expenditures; for example, rent, car payments, and healthcare spending is not included. This most closely aligns Replica’s consumer spending metric to the Census Bureau’s Monthly Retail Trade Estimates. Transactions are categorized by the merchant’s NAICS code.

Sample Download

Click here to download a CSV sample of Replica's weekly spend by home location table.


Field NameContent TypeSample ValueDescription
geo_idInteger36005014100The GEOID of the corresponding row's geography, as defined by the US Census Bureau.
geo_nameString141 (Bronx, NY)The name corresponding to the row’s geography, as defined by the US Census Bureau or specified by the user.
week/month_startingDate2022-06-13The first day of the week (Saturday) or month of the corresponding row’s data, depending on whether monthly or weekly data was selected.
populationInteger5756The total population in the geography selected.
category_spend_online/offline/totalFloat42157.48438The total consumer spend in a category in a given week across the following categories:
• Airline/hospitality/car rental
• Entertainment/recreation
• Gas stations/parking/taxis/tolls
• Grocery stores
• Restaurants/bars
• Retail

Note: spend by home location includes both online and in-person spend estimates. Spend by merchant estimates only include in-person spending.


Read Replica's Weekly Economic Model Methodology.