Hourly Auto Volume Profile


The hourly auto volume profile table contains information about the average auto volume per network link, provided in hourly buckets for a typical week. For Functional Road Classification (FRC) 1 and 2 roads, we also provide hourly volumes for single-unit and combination trucks. This data is available for 2021, 2022, and 2023, and is updated annually. Data is available for download in CSV, Shapefile, and Geojson format.

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Sample Download

Click here to download a sample of the hourly auto volume profile.


Field NameContent TypeSample ValueDescription
idString23730229_0A unique identifier for the network link.
osm_idString23730229OSM Way ID (version 2020-07-01 for the 2019 data; version 2021-09-01 for the 2021 data; version 2022-12-01 for the 2022 data)
stable_edge_idString13879083565943480423The matching stable edge id (mapping to Replica's road network) for this segment. This id will match the Places season for Fall of the selected year.
comp_stable_edge_idString11547986894199161929If bidirectional is True for this segment, this field provides the matching stable edge id (mapping to Replica's road network) for the opposing direction of travel. This id will match the Places season for Fall of the selected year.
bidirectionalBooleanTRUETrue if the provided traffic volume is the sum for both directions of an undivided roadway. False if for only one direction.
street_nameStringIsabel AvenueThe common name of the network link if available. Matches the name assigned by OpenStreetMap.
highwayStringtrunkThe classification of the link based on OpenStreetMap data.
lengthFloat229.22The distance (length) of the network link in meters.
headingInteger176The heading of the network link.
compass_directionStringNEThe compass direction of the network link.
aadtInteger4554AADT on the network link. If the metric selected is Single Unit or Combination Truck Volume, this column will reflect the corresponding AADT for Single Unit or Combination Truck and be titled aadt_single_unit or aadt_combination.
geometryGeographyLINESTRING(-97.398509 27.662232, -97.398556 27.662034, -97.398517 27.661988)The geometry (linestring) for each network link.
wkdy_0....wkdy_23Float321.2One column per hour. The value in each column represents the volume on the network link in the hour bucket. Buckets are expressed as 0-23 and are counted from midnight.

If an "Average Weekday" or "Average Weekend Day" is selected for download, the columns will be named wkdy_0...wkdy_23 and wknd_0...wknd_23 respectively. The average weekday values are averaged over Monday to Friday; the average weekend values are averaged over Saturday and Sunday. If "All" days of the week are selected for download, the columns will be labelled mon_0...mon_23, tue_0...tue_23, etc.

Quality Metrics and Methodology

Read about the Quality Metrics and Methodology on the page for Replica's Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). Both datasets are produced using the same underlying methodology.