Release Notes - Seasonal Data (Places) Spring 2023

Seasonal Data (Places) for Spring 2023 is now available

Seasonal Data (Places) for Spring 2023 is now available for the entirety of the contiguous United States and Hawaii. This season spans March, April, and May 2023, with data for a typical weekday (Thursday) and weekend day (Saturday) during this time period. For the first time, Replica is providing customers with the granular detail of Places data, with just a 3-month lag.

Spring 2023 highlights

Electric Vehicle Data and Trip Breakdowns

With the release of Spring 2023 data, Replica is for the first time including information on Vehicle Fuel Type as part of its trip data. All private auto trips are now categorized as "Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)" or "Other Non-BEV." The Other Non-BEV category includes all non-BEV vehicles, such as internal combustion engine, plug-in hybrid, and conventional hybrid.

With this update, customers can filter and analyze trips made only by electric vehicles (or non-electric vehicles). You can study the transportation patterns of EV trip-takers by viewing Trip origins, destinations, and routes, as well as Home and School/Work locations.

You can read about our vehicle assignment methodology here. The Vehicle Fuel Type attribute only applies to private auto modes -- public transit and commercial trips are not included. We also currently do not explicitly model any differences in travel behavior between those using a BEV and non-BEV. Any differences in observed metrics are due to correlations between BEV ownership and other sociodemographic factors.

New attribute filters: Education, Language, Building Type, Tenure, School Grade Attending, and Industry of Employment

You can now filter your population of interest by five additional attributes, allowing rich analysis about the relationship between these attributes and travel patterns. These filters are available for all seasons, including Spring 2023.

Transit Routes and Ground Truth

As part of our commitment to continue releasing data quickly, we implemented a fast follow approach for the Spring 2023 season. We estimated line-level Spring 2023 transit ground truth by scaling actual line level ridership from Fall 2022. Scaling factors were derived based on the change between Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 ridership values reported in the National Transit Database.

Replica introduced two new transit agency GTFS feeds for the Spring 2023 season, Greater Glens Falls Transit, NY, and Collier Area Transit, FL, and one new stop, Grand Central Madison LIRR, NY. All other GTFS routes that were newly opened or changed between Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 will not be reflected in the Spring 2023 season; only routes that were running in Fall 2022 will be included.

Data Sources

The Spring 2023 seasonal mobility model contains population, auto, and transit ground truth data from various sources.

Population Data

Replica’s population data is based on US Census demographic datasets which are used to create a “synthetic population” that is statistically representative of the actual population in a region.

Auto Data

Replica sources seasonal auto counts from in-vehicle GPS data that is then scaled to roughly match estimated road capacity during hours of congestion. We then verify the scaled counts against federal AADT data supplied by FHWA as an additional check. The roadway network is based on the OpenStreetMap network version published on March 1, 2023. For more information on OpenStreetMap click here.

Here is a list of the Census, taxi/TNC, resources referenced in this model

Transit Data

Here is a list of all the transit service providers and the routes modeled in the Spring 2023 model.

For more information on Replica’s data sourcing and methodology, please visit our documentation site.